Rotate your iPhone to perform cool tricks!

This is an extreme TAISO game for iPhone.
"TAISO" means "gymnastics" in word of Japanese.
Challenge high score!

How to play:

If you rotate your iPhone device, TAISO-MAN will also rotate.
The more you roll and performe tricks earns you higher points.
Check your replay and improve your next performance!


  • Touch "START" to ReleaseView!

  • ReleaseView

  • Touch "RELEASE" to in the air!!

  • PlayView

  • Make TAISO MAN roll and roll by mobilePhone rolling!!

  • SuccessView

  • Make TAISO MAN landing successful by mobilePhone rolling!!
  • Touch "REPLAY" to watch a ReplayView.
  • Touch "RETRY" to ReleaseView.

  • FailedView

  • If you could not make landing well,You failed.

  • ReplayView

  • Just watch a replay.

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